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Reclaim Your Garage with Advanced Floor Coating Systems and Cabinetry

Whether a place to park or a venue to party, it’s time to reclaim the most valuable room in the house—the garage. Here’s how Encore Garage Ohio can help.

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“Investing in your home is always a good idea, and the garage is a very wise place to start,” advises Mike Padden, owner of Encore Garage Ohio, a one-stop shop for floor-to-ceiling garage enhancement and renovation.

Your garage, Mike observes, is most likely the largest room in your home. If it’s only being used as a place to pile clutter—and maybe park your car if you can find enough room—you’re probably wasting a good portion of your home.

“Converting your garage into a gorgeous, all-purpose party room—where you also can keep your vehicles protected—is an ideal way to make the most of your home,” Mike says.

“Garages are often the primary entryway into your home, so why not be as proud of it as you are the rest of your house?”

Relaxing in the garage may be more applicable during the summer than at any other time of the year. That’s when many folks are looking for the perfect venue for a graduation party, a wedding rehearsal dinner, or just a casual barbecue to entertain friends and neighbors.

Encore Garage helps to create that perfect venue with the installation of handsome, rugged cabinetry, organizer systems and its proprietary Flex-Core polyaspartic floor coating that not only beautifies your garage floor, but also protects it from damage.

“When people see what we can do, they see their garage in a whole new light,” Mike assures.

Many garage upgrades begin by restoring the floors, which are typically beaten brutally by Northeast Ohio winters.

“The salty slush that drops off your car eventually eats away at the concrete, causing unsightly chipping and cracking,” Mike says.

“It can get really ugly in a short period of time. Our advanced floor coating is seamless and non-porous, so liquids can’t seep down and attack the concrete below. It is stain resistant—even against oil and grease—and couldn’t be easier to maintain. All you need is a hose and a squeegee to keep the floor looking like new for many years.”

Because the garage is often the entry point of the home, an attractive, organized garage creates a good first impression—and gives you more room for partying.

“It’s the first thing people see, but it’s often the last frontier of home remodeling,” Mike says. “Our Signature Series garage cabinetry is not only tough and versatile, but it is also very attractive.”

Mike says Encore makes it simple—and affordable—to organize and transform your garage into an attractive, multi-purpose space.

“In many cases it costs less than what people pay to remodel a half bathroom,” he insists. “And increasing the value of your home is always a wise investment.”

You can begin reclaiming your garage by calling Encore Garage of Ohio for a no-cost estimate at 330-922-4411 (Akron area) or 440-668-8953 (Cleveland area). For more information, visit

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