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Planning Your Custom Garage Space in New Home

Preplanning your garage design in new home

Before Jim and Coral built their new Canton home, they planned their design to include Encore Garage Ohio's Cabinets, organization systems and proprietary Flex-Core flooring.

(Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

Northeast Ohio winters can wreak havoc on your garage floor.

“Most people call us after their concrete garage floor is already crumbling and cracking beyond repair,” laments Mike Padden, owner of Encore Garage Ohio, which installs a rugged Flex-Core advanced polyaspartic floor coating that not only beautifies your garage floor but also protects it from damage.

Jim and Coral, on the other hand, took a proactive approach to protecting their gorgeous three-car garage. Jim and Coral worked with Mike and his team to incorporate the floor coating—and Encore’s clever organizational system—into the construction of their brand new custom-built home in Canton.

“It’s a very smart strategy,” Mike says. “They’re taking measures to prevent deterioration of the floor from the very beginning, while adding a beautiful dimension to their new home.”

Jim and Coral last month downsized from a larger home in which they accumulated quite a bit of stuff. That, Jim explains, is one reason why organization was so important.

“Coral does a lot of gardening and I do our auto care, so we wanted a good-looking garage with a nice floor, ample storage area and uncluttered workspace. I searched online for garage cabinet systems and found Encore. They came out and sat with the builder and us while we were designing the house. I liked the design and the products they offered, especially the quality of the floor they put in. It’s a big part of the look of the new house.”

Slatwall-Custom Garage Planning in New Home

Along with the creek bed-colored floor coating, Encore installed a utility sink and cleanup area, a garden station for Coral, a drop station and boot bench area, butcher block work surfaces and copper blaze tall storage cabinets.

“There are certain helpful hot points that we suggest for many garages, and Jim and Coral incorporated just about all of them,” Mike says.

Drop Station-Custom Garage Planning in New Home

The drop station and boot bench, he explains, is located at the entryway from the garage into the house.

“It’s a convenient place where you can drop your keys or set down your grocery bags or school books when you’re entering the home,” he says.

“You can take off your shoes and leave them outside so you’re not tracking dirt into the house. That’s a high-impact area.”

Encore installed the utility sink with a faucet as well as water supply lines for garden hoses.

“It makes it convenient to wash up outside, and you can also connect a hose to wash your car or rinse down the floor,” Mike explains.

Bulk storage, to keep everything in place and eliminate clutter, is a staple of the Encore organization system.

Garden Station-Custom Garage Planning in New Home

“A gardening area was also important to Coral,” Mike says. “We designed it around a window that overlooks the front yard. She has a dedicated work space for gardening and there is plenty of other work area for other projects.”

The Encore floor coating is not only attractive and sturdy, but it’s also a cinch to maintain, Mike insists.

“Flex-Core is seamless and non-porous, so liquids can’t seep down and attack the concrete below,” he says.

“It is stain resistant, even against oil and grease, and couldn’t be easier to clean. All you need is a water hose and a squeegee to keep the floor looking like new for many years. And it has a nearly unlimited variety of attractive colors and patterns.”

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