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Make Your Garage Floor The Life Of The Party

Encore Garage Ohio offers advanced floor coating, cabinetry and organizer systems.

So, you’ve gone all out to dazzle your friends and family at your kid’s graduation party. You’ve got chateaubriand sizzling on your new stainless steel, eight-burner grill. The Cake Boss has just delivered a custom dessert, and you hired Cyndi Lauper to entertain...she needed the work.

But all anybody can talk about is your brand new polymer garage floor.

“Your garage floor can be the life of the party,” insists Mike Padden, owner of Encore Garage of Ohio. “They help to turn a normal garage into a sensational, useful room.”

Encore’s Flex-Core advanced polyaspartic floor coating not only beautifies your garage floor, but also protects it from damage.

“It is seamless and non-porous, so liquids can’t seep down and attack the concrete below,” Mike explains.

“It is stain resistant—even against oil and grease—and couldn’t be easier to maintain. All you need is a hose and a squeegee to keep the floor looking like new for many years. We have a nearly unlimited variety of beautiful colors and patterns.”

A spectacular floor along with Encore’s storage and organizing systems are ideal components for converting your garage into a clean, spacious party venue.

“Your garage is often the largest room in your house and often the primary entrance way into your home,” Mike says. “It’s the first thing people see, but it’s often the last frontier of home remodeling. It’s really a place where you can make a memorable first impression.”

Now celebrating its 11th anniversary of serving Northeast Ohio residents and businesses, Encore offers advanced floor coating, cabinetry and organizer systems.

“We’re a one-stop shop for floor-to-ceiling garage enhancement and renovation,” Mike explains. “Our Signature Series garage cabinetry is not only tough and versatile, but it is also very attractive.”

Mike says Encore makes it simple—and affordable—to organize and transform your garage into an attractive, multi-purpose space.

“When people see what we can do, they see their garage in a whole new light,” he says. “In many cases it costs less than what people pay to remodel a half bathroom.”

You can get started on your new party venue by calling Encore Garage of Ohio for a no-cost consultation at 330-922-4411 (Akron area) or 440-668-8953 (Cleveland area). Visit to learn more.

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