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Garage Organization Ideas for the Winter Season

Garage Organization Ideas for the Winter Season.

The snow and freezing temperatures are here, and we’ll be facing the icy roads, chilly winds, and more incoming snow for several weeks to come. Shoveling snow, de-icing, car maintenance, and winter activities all require garage storage space. If you haven’t already prepared your garage for the winter season, here are some storage ideas that will get you organized and keep your garage space clean and dry all winter long.

Prepare appropriately for the daily use of winter equipment and gear by getting your garage in tip-top shape. When your garage is fully organized, it makes it possible for you to efficiently and easily carry out your chores without spending valuable time looking for one tool or the other. Optimize your garage space with the following storage and planning tips.

Avoid general floor storage. First rule of thumb: Keep the garage floor as clear as possible. During the winter, water, snow, mud and debris are inevitable in a garage, especially if you keep your car in there. Anything on the floor stands a good chance of getting ruined.

Work your walls. Use all the wall space available; this not only keeps things off the floor, but also leaves optimal space for your car. Consider a slatwall or gridwall system to hang shovels and other tools in an easy-to-reach place by the garage door. For heavy, large or unusual shaped items, install tall and deep garage cabinets with adjustable shelving. Our custom cabinetry and professional installation gives you exactly what you are looking for: shelving that is the right height and depth, with finishes to match your style. Plus, our integrated full-back garage cabinets and off-the-floor mounting prevent water, dirt and critters from getting inside.

Hang racks for skis and snowboards. Mounting a ski or snowboard rack on a slatwall or gridwall system is a nice way to keep the clutter down in the garage and allows for a dedicated location to keep them off the floor and out of the way.

Look up for general storage. Running out of available wall space? Use the ceiling for items that you don’t use everyday. Overhead Storage Racks are ideal for seasonal items such as holiday decorations, spare tires, camping gear, sporting equipment and patio furniture cushions.

Keep sand and salt at hand. Use sliding wire baskets or install a tilt-out hamper for easy access to sand and salt.

Consider creating a drop station. It provides a convenient place to remove and store your wet boots, heavy coats, and ski apparel—while keeping the rest of your house clean and dry!

Protect your garage floor with a Flexcore™ Floor Coating System. Flexcore™ Floor Coating Systems will protect your concrete floor from winter damage and prevent further delamination from contaminants such as road salt, paint, oil. Our floor coatings are non-porous and will not trap winter dirt and grime. Just spray clean with a hose or mop.

Staying Warm in the Winter

Consider using your garage space through the winter months. Install an electric heating unit, insulate the space and add weather stripping between doors and door jambs to stay warm.

Install motion-sensor-activated and battery-powered LED lights. You never know when a winter storm might challenge your power, so it’s best to be prepared.

EncoreGarage is a full-service garage makeover company that offers custom installed garage cabinets, wall storage systems and FLEXCORE™ advanced polymer Floor Coating Systems. We serve clients in the Greater Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Columbus, and Western Pennsylvania.

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