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Zoning in on Garage Organization

With EncoreGarage’s six-step garage organization process, you can increase the storage space you already have in the garage, which frees up valuable space inside your home, which means you get to enjoy clutter-free living.

EncoreGarage accomplishes this through the use of cabinet storage, wall organizers and overhead storage.

“That’s a really important aspect of what we do,” says Mike Padden, owner of EncoreGarage. “Unlike an addition, improving the storage in your garage is a low-stress, affordable way to get more bang for your buck. The extra stuff you have around the house can easily find its way into the garage so you’ve more than doubled your organizational options.”

And because Mike and his team focus on helping homeowners maximize their budgets as well as their storage options, an EncoreGarage storage system can be installed in phases.

“We can do one zone at a time if that makes better sense for you,” Mike offers, noting that most people start by mapping out a plan geared toward simplifying the way they live.

1 – Transition Zone

“Sometimes improving your storage options can be as simple as adding a Transition Zone,” Mike shares. “This is the space to put your groceries while you open the door, or for your kids to take off their shoes and put them on the shoe rack. It’s also where jackets, backpacks and more can find their home on hanging hooks.”

The Transition Zone functions like a mudroom, he adds.

Transition Zone - Garage Cabinets

2 – Need it Now Zone

If you don’t have a pantry inside your home, the Need it Now Zone addresses the storage requirement for things like pet food, canned goods, cases of water or pop and other things you might need every day that can be easily reached.

Need it Now Zone - Garage Cabinet

3 – Long, Tall, Thin Zone

“The name of this zone explains it all. If it’s long, tall or thin, this is the place to store it,” Mike smiles. “Rakes, shovels and other yard equipment can be hung on the walls for a non-bulky storage solution that won’t leave you squeezed for space next to parked cars.”

Long, Tall Thin Zone - Garage Storage Cabinets

4 – Large Items Zone

No, you don’t need that tent and sleeping bag within reach. The Large Items zone creates a space to house seldom-used items courtesy of overhead storage racks.

“Holiday gear is perfect for this zone,” Mike says. “This is how you free up extra space in the basement.”

Overhead Storage - Garage

5 – Frequently Used Items Zone

“A grab-and-go zone for easy access to frequently used outdoor and yard gear should be placed by the garage door for easy access when you need it,” Mike says. “This is a perfect place for sports equipment, birdseed, gardening supplies and other frequently used items.”

Frequently Used Items, Garage Storage Cabinet

6 – Workspace Zone

With a few cabinets, a sink and counter space, you’ve just added a workstation to engage in your favorite hobby. And the best part is, any mess you create can be left for another day or cleaned up with ease on the spot.

“A Workspace Zone is ideal for people who do woodworking, painting, auto repair or crafts. Because the project mess stays in the garage, you can visit your hobby whenever you’d like,” Mike says.

Work Space - Garage Cabinetry

The Final Touch

The double bonus of spending money on one area to organize two (garage and home) is just one of the benefits an EncoreGarage organizational system can provide.

“Consider finishing the floor with our durable, low-maintenance, hybrid polymer decorative flake coating to complete the transformation,” Mike invites. “When you do that, you really create a beautiful space that becomes suitable for entertaining. Many of our clients boast that it’s the perfect place for parties.”

hybrid polymer decorative flake floor coating

You can schedule a free EncoreGarage of Ohio consultation by calling 330-922-4411 (Akron/Canton) or 440-668-8953 (Cleveland). For more information, visit