Garage Envy - Floor Coatings by EncoreGarage

Our FLEX-CORE floor coating systems protects and prevents further deterioration of your concrete garage floor.

When EncoreGarage finished coating his garage floor for durability and cleanup, one man liked the look so much he added a lounge chair and turned part of the space into a man cave.

That’s because beautiful meets durable in a floor coating by EncoreGarage. Developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers, EncoreGarage’s Flex-Core coating systems are the most advanced polymers available for a residential garage floor.

“Concrete, even at a new home, is continuing to deteriorate when exposed to the elements—the harsh weather, salt, snow and moisture,” says Mike Padden, president and owner of EncoreGarage. “Coating protects and prevents deterioration. That’s why people clear coat their garage floors. With most products you have to do it over and over again to prevent the floor from breaking down or spalling.”

While other concrete surface treatments wear through or peel up, the Flex-Core coating system is a high-quality, seamless, polymer composition that permanently bonds to the concrete. The treated floor will repel chemicals and stains, while being slip resistant.

“Ease of maintenance is amazing,” says Mike. “Simply wash, squeegee and you’re done. It will last 15-plus years.”

EncoreGarage offers a spectrum of color schemes to match décor and suit personal taste. While one customer chose a blue color that flows well into her pool area, most customers match the house exterior. And, that usually starts with earth tones and grey bases.

Then, a system of basecoats, colored flakes and polyspar topcoats, applied appropriately, create a floor surface that is three to four times more abrasive-resistant than epoxy. Because it is abrasive resistant and nonporous, the floor surface doesn’t hold dirt particles like a stone-based coating would.

Floor coating products exist at many quality and price points. “You can buy 40 different kinds of chocolate. Some are okay. Some are top shelf,” says Mike. “I like to consider us top-shelf for quality and installation.

“High-quality products mean nothing without proper installation. You can have the world’s greatest product, but if you have an installer who doesn’t have the equipment or knowledge you’ll be re-doing the project,” he says.

Prior to the coating, experienced installers will mechanically profile the concrete for the epoxy, patch cracks and fill control joints to allow for optimal bonding. Only then are deep-penetration resins applied.

“The process used by EncoreGarage seals the floor forever. It’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to keep clean,” he says. “And, that leads to having your garage look and feel like an extension of your home’s interior space.”

EncoreGarage is a value.

“If you’re going to buy cheap, don’t do anything,” says Mike. “It’s not worth your time and money. In fact, about 20 percent of our flooring installations are repairs of DIY attempts. The floors look good for six to 18 months. Then, like any low-quality product, they begin to deteriorate. It’s such a mess that homeowners are calling us to remove the coating and redo it.”

Mike calls the garage one of a home’s most underutilized spaces. It’s often a dumping ground. Once “decorated,” however, with paint and floor coating, it’s appealing and that motivates homeowners to keep it attractive

“We’re interior designers for the garage,” says Mike.

In addition to the floor, EncoreGarage designs and installs cabinets, organizational systems and lighting, and modifies plumbing and electrical systems to meet goals for garage organization. “We try to make it easy,” he assures. “Folks deal with one company for design and installation. They get value from our experience. Creating garage envy among the neighbors is easier and more affordable than most people realize.

EncoreGarage of Ohio serves all of Northeast Ohio, the Greater Columbus area and West PA. For more information on how EncoreGarage can transform your garage, call 330-922-4411 or visit

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