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Hidden In Plain Sight - Garage Organization Solutions - Ceiling Storage Space

Storage in the garage? Mike Padden of EncoreGarage of Ohio & West PA. says look up.

Ceiling Storage Overhead Racks

Some people think they aren’t candidates for a garage makeover because their garage is too small, or they are using the space at peak capacity.

I’d like to suggest looking up. We’re experts at finding storage options that are often hidden right in front of our clients’ eyes. The ceiling is a perfect example. That’s where you’ll find prime real estate.

With our rugged, professional-grade components, we offer clients a number of different ceiling storage options. If climbing a ladder is doable for you, an affordable overhead rack system might be the way to go. If you need your belongings to come to you, we also offer a motorized lift that can drop down at the push of a button. And unlike the DIY kits found in most home improvement stores, our professional installations include reinforced steel, so they won’t come crashing down.

You can store hundreds of pounds on our ceiling racks, so rarely used outdoor equipment, camping gear, spare tires, luggage or seasonal decorations can enjoy a secure new home, while you enjoy the freed up space down below. We can even mount a pulley system for your bikes.

EncoreGarage offers total garage makeovers designed to fit virtually any budget. If you’re able to complete your garage makeover by adding organizational slat wall, grid wall or cabinets on the walls while finishing the floor with our tough-as-nails epoxy coating, there are a variety of options. If you need to complete your makeover in phases, we can plan for that, too.

Any organizational upgrades you add to your garage will not only free up prime real estate, they’ll also help to increase the value of your overall home investment. I invite you to give us a call to talk about how we can maximize the storage options you’ve got hidden in plain sight.

You can schedule a free EncoreGarage consultation by calling 330-922-4411 (Akron/Canton) or 440-668-8953 (Cleveland). For more information, visit

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