What's Your Garage Personality?

slat wall hooks and garage organization

Proud of your garage's interior, or do you keep your eyes shut when moving swiftly from car to home? Is it a meticulously well-organized space, or a domestic dumping ground?

Your garage is really the first room people see as an extension of your home—and yourself.

Here's a quick quiz to reveal your true garage personality.

1. Describe your home décor

A) Shabby chic

B) Eclectic

C) Traditional

D) Contemporary

2. Number of hours your garage door is open in an average day

A) Zero - I park in the street and go in and out through the back door.

B) 24 - I haven't been able to close it for years—something's always blocking it.

C) 10-15 - I want my neighbors to take a gander at my sweet ride.

D) However many daylight hours there are - I like the way sunshine reflects off all the surfaces.

3. If you had one word to describe how you feel about your garage it would be:

A) Apathetic

B) Stressed

C) Proud

D) Perfect

4. Your favorite sport is:

A) Watching golf on television.

B) Baseball

C) NASCAR racing.

D) Fencing, I just feel better in a white suit.

5. The perfect date night would be:

A) A day at the golf course

B) Shopping at malls, garage sales, online, you name it.

C) Out for a lakeside drive in a mint condition 1965 GTO.

D) Drinking pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Mostly "A"s: A Hot Mess

You would clean your garage, if only you could clear a path between the car and the entry door. It's just short of a landfill. So much junk is piled on junk; you're just living off the stuff piled on top, and that's usually boxes of bulk products such as hundreds of plastic water bottles. You keep telling yourself it's fine and that you actually know where everything is, but you really don't.

Mostly "B"s: A Hoarding Hobbyist

Like Elsa said in “Frozen,” “Let it go!” The Hoarding Hobbiest won't let go of anything. You own more bikes than there are people living in your home, and most of them have flat tires (the bikes, not the people). There are duplicates of everything…kids' toys, skateboards, roller blades, deflated balls, and tools, tools everywhere with no place to call home.

Mostly "C"s: Hot Rod Obsessed

You still have a framed picture of your first car on your desk. Each Saturday morning is time for a carwash and wax. You hose off your concrete daily so nothing smears onto your tires. A consummate tinkerer, your garage is filled with tools, and, of course, it's heated so you can work on your ride 24/7.

Mostly "D"s: A White Glover

Your garage is as immaculately clean as your home. There is a doormat on top of your doormat. A doctor could handily perform major surgery on your cement floor. Tools, bikes, and toys are all smartly aligned and arranged alphabetically. Every surface of The White Glover's hollowed space is polished and gleaming.

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