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Decorative Flooring…In The Garage by EncoreGarage of Ohio & PA

Here’s the low-down on what’s low down…your garage floor.

Since this space is a natural extension of your home, and usually the first room people see when entering, why not explore all of the decorator flooring options now available thanks to advancements in hybrid polymer coating technology?

The same rich-looking effects seen in interior décor can now beautify your garage, too. (CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE FLOORING IMAGES)

Whether it’s a rich, solid-color flooring finish with dozens of selections, a decorative fleck that mimics natural stone like granite or quartz, or that highly reflective mirror-like finish you see in upscale car showrooms, there’s never been a better time to ditch your dirty, stained concrete and opt for a strikingly dramatic difference.

Want a custom-designed look? You can also create decorative borders, patterns, logos, and designs within the floor plan.

In addition to the depth of treatments and effects, epoxy flooring passes the family safety test, too, as the styles are slip-, stain- and abrasion-resistant.

And since the material is non-porous, moisture is locked out and it actually repels dirt, road salt, paint, gas, and oil. Clean up is effortless. Just a quick spray from your garden hose should remove any grease, dirt, or oil spots.

Some key advantages to the new formulas of epoxy floor coatings are:

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Durable and long lasting, as formulas include 100% UV protection

  • No odor

  • Low or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

  • Vastly superior to any DIY coating system


The good news is that you can mimic the look of granite or a shiny showroom for a surprisingly low cost. Boosting your home’s curb appeal just got a lot easier. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW FLOORING COLORS & FINISHES)

EncoreGarage of Ohio & PA is a full-service garage makeover company that offers custom installed garage cabinet systems, hanging wall shelves & organizers, and FLEXCORE™ advanced polymer Floor Coating Systems. EncoreGarage of Ohio/PA serves clients in the Greater Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Columbus, and Pittsburgh areas.

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