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Storage in the garage? Mike Padden of EncoreGarage of Ohio & West PA. says look up.

Some people think they aren’t candidates for a garage makeover because their garage is too small, or they are using the space at peak capacity.

I’d like to suggest looking up. We...


In a perfect world, the garage is where a father teaches his son about what’s under the hood, where neighbors visit after a long day yard work, and where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

For most of us, however, the world is not p...


If the only thing that fits in your garage is your car, this article is for YOU!  Most homeowners say the the messiest room in their home is, "the garage". For many, the garage is the home’s main entrance, and organizing this space is one of their top home-rel...


Your home is your haven. Does that tranquility begin the moment you open the garage door or does the mess add to your stress? Don't let a disorderly garage alter your positive energy. Transform this unruly space into your favorite place with these clever stora...



EncoreGarage of Ohio & Western PA, an Ohio-based custom garage interior enhancement company that specializes in epoxy floor coatings, cabinets and organizers, received award for Best Video at the Portage and Summit County Marketing and Merchandising Excellenc...


In the Greater Akron area, home owners seem to take a special pride in their garages.  Garage floor coating and garage cabinets in Akron have become one of the most popular home improvement services of the last ten years.  Akron home owners regard their garage...

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