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Tired Of Your Messy Garage, But Overwhelmed By The Thought Of Starting Your Garage Organization Project? Don't be, watch our video and see how EncoreGarage can transform your garage into "More Than A Place To Park".  

When tackling the weekend to-do list, the Smith family is confronted with the white whale of home improvement projects: organizing the garage. Mrs. Smith soon realizes that the garage is too much for one person and chooses to enlist the help of EncoreGarage.
Mike Padden and the EncoreGarage team transform their garage stuck in the past into a clean, modern, beautiful garage that not even the nosiest of neighbors can wrinkle their nose at.

A Garage Stuck In The Past - by EncoreGarage of Ohio & West PA.


The story behind the making of A Garage Stuck in the Past

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